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  • Life in Health is a project for learning, action, collaboration and research.
  • The project originates from engaging the living conditions and the basic health of Africans (individuals, families and communities) in Accra and London.
  • We aim to serve in both smaller towns and cities, within Ghana and beyond.
  • Learn about our current project “FROM A CONCEPT TO REALITY”

We foot our work and services on simple convictions like:

  • A healthy community is vibrant and productive.
  • Healthy living improves productivity and creates wealth – and these are achievable in a given economy.
  • Almost every serious business needs a society of healthy individuals, healthy families, and healthy communities to flourish, attract investment, and compete in our globalised market spaces.
  • We are individually and collectively responsible for the overall health levels in our society – and the improvement of health standards in our society requires multispectral action.
  • Healthy living is a vital instrument for advancing and sustaining economic development.

We appreciate insights such as the following:

  • Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” – Buddha
  • We envision that wealth can be created through health; by developing a healthier people, who do not squander their hard-earned wages on visits to the hospital, or expensive medicines and treatments. Instead they would practice preventive care measures to supplement the curative and relieve the burden on Ghana’s medical care system and Minister of Health) in his explanation of Ghana Health Policy captioned ‘Creating Wealth through Health’

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